Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between Christian counseling, and Biblical counseling?
Both Biblical counseling and Christian counseling can help assist you through your healing journey. Many times the Bible, books and articles are all used in Christian and Biblical counseling to help you better understand how to manage a life free of your past hurts. Most often, the words “Christian counseling” is used to inform you that the counseling is based on godly principles. However, Biblical counseling, while culturally-informed, is strongly focused on having God’s very word spoken into our hearts in order to, guide, comfort, teach, instruct, and correct us whenever and however needed. Biblical counseling will absolutely be God-exalting, Jesus centered, and dependent on the Holy Spirit .

How often, and for how long do I need to meet with my counselor?
We can meet weekly, twice a month, once a month, this is up to you. You will know when the time is right to end counseling, as your heart begins to heal, and you are set free from the burdens of life that brought you to counseling. Scheduling is important in advance.

Do you take insurance?
No. Hoffman Biblical Counseling is not contracted with any insurer.

How can I pay you?
Cash, Venmo or PayPal

What is the heart of Hoffman Biblical Counseling?
Passion for Truth for you! A strong devotion for the healing power of prayer to change lives. God (in actuality) is bigger than any hurt, abuse, and pain life has dealt you.

How can H.B.C. convincingly state such a sure and certain outcome?
I too, have walked through serious sorrow, and I can say with confidence that the LORD heals. God is still at work by the power, the presence, and the person of the Holy Spirit to set us free from life’s burdens.

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