"I have benefited from Jana’s wisdom for several years. Her counsel is always backed up by scripture. She always covers our time together in prayer. And I always leave feeling cared for and better-equipped to face the world. Robin L."  - Robin L, Memphis,TN.

"Biblical counseling with Jana has fundamentally transformed my life through her special, God-given gifts of gospel-centered counseling, teaching, ministering and prayers. Through biblical counseling, I can prayerfully and powerfully encounter the Lord and identify the deepest root of my problems- my heart. Being ministered to in this way has given me eternal, everlasting hope, and healing, because it has given me the only thing, I’ve ever needed all along: more of the Lord."  - Minnie Chow, Denver,CO.

“Jana walked with me through the darkest period of my life. Forced to divorce after 50 years of marriage, I was in a state of confusion, depression, disbelief, rage, and utter turmoil. She loved me, prayed for and with me. She encouraged me in God’s Word and faithfully worshiped with me weekly. God used her to steady my weak knees, build up my waning faith, and show me the steadfast love of the Lord. For six years she stood with me believing that the story God was writing would be beautiful and redemptive. She was right! She is my dear friend and sister in Christ whose life radiates the Light and Love of Jesus. I’m forever grateful for her wise counsel and faithful presence.” - Candy Hill, Dallas, TX


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