This is an in depth course that reveals how to encounter His presence by listening to the voice of God, the fragrance of God's work and adoring God for who He is. 

Week 1 - How to Encounter His presence 
Week 2 - How We are a Sweet Scent Unto the Lord
Week 3 - Adoration as We Get to Know God Deeper
Week 4 - How to Hear the Voice of God

4 Week Course


"For me, stepping into Jana’s Prayer Practicum was entering into the Peace of Christ. The unfolding of the Holy Word each week, directed us into the deep abiding Love of the Father. She looked us each in the eye, prophesied and encouraged us in our own unique gifting from The Lord.  We were refreshed and empowered by Holy Spirit and our longing for Heaven only increased.”

“And we shall praise the Lord all the days of our lives!” Yet, I often have wondered and questioned whether I was praising Him or searching of proof from Him that He was evident in my life. Trauma, neglect, abandonment, and a lack of stability troubled my mind and my heart which affected my faith. Did I believe in the Lord, or did I hope for belief? The Lord has immensely gifted wise, spiritual counsel through the vessel of Jana Hoffman. Jana not only supported the reconnecting of my heart back to our King, but the Holy Spirit used her to ignite the spark so I could feel God again. Through historical rituals, language, adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and connection, Jana helped me restore myself back to the Lord, not just believing in Him but knowing His word, voice, touch, and ultimate promises for myself, children, and the world. The Lord is doing a good and powerful work through Jana, and I pray for ultimate healing in Jesus’ name through your experience and may you be blessed by God’s daughter, Jana Hoffman.


—Theresa Taylor, Dallas, TX

— Caitlyn Goodspead, Frisco, TX

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